Burton AM Series
Seven Springs, PA

Day broke on another 6 inches of snow in 7 springs and it was time for the Burton AM Series to put on its stunt ditch event. Not the way you want to wake up for a day of wall jamming in the ditch but you know, tis the way of life sometimes. You just gots to roll with the punches. And the fact that Joel was there, ready and waiting (sleeping in the cat) to cut the pipe, made it an easy morn to deal with.

7 Springs Halfpipe

I tell you folks it is hard to get people to come out to a super U jump competition these days. With a ten dollar entry fee and only 10 other folks to battle with for $750 its just silly not too. Especially you ladies, the field is wide open for all you ladies who can link spins together above the lip. But as per usual, I digress. Todays point is the folks that did come and throw it down.

We had 6 ladies make it out to shred the pipe and it looked like a pretty even field. Shannon Branthoover had another good day and found her young 12 year old self tossing up a big plastic $500 check again. Bringing her grand total for the weekend well above my pay grade, nice work young lady. But this day belonged to one lady and one lady alone, Ashley VandorMeer. She came out and set the tone for the rest of jam session with her first run and didn’t look back from there. Ending the day on top of the podium for both best trick, front 5, and super pipe.


Best Trick Winners: Ashley VonderMeer and Charles Lengle

The gentleman jam down was a little tougher to call. It was as much of a battle as the intense arm wrestling for Amp shwag that was going down at the base of the pipe; I’m pretty sure the Amp folks put up a donut in the win column even after facing an 11 year old or two. Chuck Lengle was in the hunt to the very last run of the afternoon. Continually putting together runs that got progressively closer and closer. on the last run of the contest it came down to the final hit and he just couldn’t get the gear down. he walked away with the best trick award for the second day in a row though, sending a very nice crippler 5 or casserole depending on ones age. Speaking of age the top two spots belonged to a couple of gents in, like myself, the winter of their youth. With a combined age of 65 Dan genditzi and Doug Radefled walked away with $500 and $750 respectively. They both threw down solid runs with some lofty maneuvers. But Doug set himself apart with a cab 7 to alley oop McTwist 7 and took the top spot. Louie hanft put together good run after good run and found himself in 3rd for the second day in a row.

Thanks again to the Seven Springs crew for putting together a great venue and thanks to Jasper for serving up for a few to many cocktails in the lounge. As always thanks to our sponsors AMP and Snowboarder Ma for keeping this show on the road. Next, and final stop of the season, Waterville Valley New Hampshire. Thanks for coming out.

– Jacob T Weber

Womens halfpipe:
1. Ashley VandorMeer
2. Shannon Branthoover
3. Melinda Blankenship
Best Trick: Ashley VonderMeer; front 5


Mens halfpipe:
1. Doug Radefeld
2. Dan genditzi
3. Louie hanft
Best Trick: Charles Lengle; Crippler 5