Burton AM Series
Seven Springs, PA

I’m not really sure how one gets a pirate ship onto to the snow 300 hundred miles from the coast… but those lovely folks at Seven Springs Mountain Resort sure figured it out. I am guessing they floated this beauty down Lake Erie and drug it up on the backs of 111 donkeys back in 1612. I really have no foundation for this theory but I am pretty sure its as close to the truth as you’re going to get in this here article. But really in the grand scheme of things here at Snowboarder Mag this is really neither here nor there. So let us warm focus our attention upon the tale of the Burton AM Series and its slopestyle contest that took place on the frozen water upon which the pirate ship of 7 Springs floats.


Once we arrived in the 7 Springs we were greeted with the utmost hospitality and unending sheets of falling snow, which didn’t stop until long after our departure. 7 Springs is in the midst of its best year of snow ever, and although not the best conditions to hold a contest in, it sure is a good time when it comes time to cut it loose. 20 male competitors and 4 female competitors slapped their shred sticks on and went after it on The Spot despite the conditions. Shooting for the Burton Am Series $750 and qualifiying spot in the US Open.


With the suspect weather we once again decided to alter our format. We cut the qualifiers and just went Burton Am Super Final style giving everyone a chance at the dollars. Mr. Alex Turnsheck definitely was shooting for the 250 for best trick, after falling on the first two features he thought it best to just let it all loose and chuck a backside double cork 9 or 10 or something. He went down swinging is all I can say but in the end the best chucking was left to Chuck Lengle. Who sowed up both first place and best trick. His best trick winning switch 180 to back 3 off the cannon box merely set the scene for the rest of his very clean performance. Travis Jones and Louie Hanft laid down some stylish runs and took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Sara Polmounter and Ashley VanderMere had a solid on snow showing. Each laying down some powerful runs and taking the top two podium spots. But the real story of the day was 12 year old Shannon Branthoover taking 3rd place. Now it was only a field of four but the young lady knows a trick or two, as made evidence by her stealing away with another $250 as she board slid her way up a serious rail for the best trick of the day as well. It was a great day and I can safely say we all had some serious fun out on The Spot. Special thanks to Joel, Adam, Drew, Quinn, and the entire park crew at 7 Springs. They put together a sick course and know how to lead a few thirsty travelers to water and by water I mean beer. Thanks to Amp Energy Drink and Papa Wayne for being awesome and Young Erica for being terrible at Paper Rock Scissors, makin those samples just fly off the table. Im done for the day. See you in the ditch made for tricks.

– Jacob T Weber


Mens Slopestyle:
1. Charles Lengle
2. Travis Jones
3. Louie Hanft
Best Trick: Charles Lengle: switch 180 50/50 backside 3 off Cannon Box


Womens Slopestyle:
1. Sarah Polmounter
2. Ashley VanderMere
3. Shannon Branthoover
Best Trick: Shannon Branthoover; boardslide to fakie up rail