Chas Guldemond

Words: T. Bird
Photos: Jeff Patterson

Per usual, Chas Guldemond and Jamie Anderson were unstoppable at the Burton Canadian Open presented by MINI at COP in Calgary.

The fields were stacked under sunny and windless skies, amassed atop the course built by Planet Snow Design, and I must say that what the pushers accomplished with the little snow they had to work with was nothing short of phenomenal. Three rails, three jumps, and the MINI Creative Use of Space feature located at the bottom (where one finalist would be awarded $2,500 for the most creative trick landed on the setup) is what the riders had directly in front of them, and the recap will start with the women.

Jamie Anderson

Hands down, Jamie Anderson is the best female slopestyle rider the snowboard world has ever seen. In a field that showcased elite slope riders like Sina Candrian, Stefi Luxton, Cilka Sadar, Christy Prior, newcomer Isabel Derungs, Shelly Gotlieb, and Jessika Jenson, no one could touch Jamie. Though the girls gave Anderson a run for her money and linked together some serious moves (Sina's front seven was exactly what I wanted to see, and Christy's Cab fives and Stefi's backside rodeos were the epitome of progression,) Jamie linked together a run that consisted of a Cab five, backside five, and switch backside five, as well as rad rail trickery and walked away with the win by about fifteen points. Jamie also took home the MINI Creative Use of Space award on the last slope feature and pocketed $12,500 on the day. The sheer number of Jamie's victories and the manner in which she does it–at this point–have to make her the best slope rider of all-time. Congratulations Jamie, and the entire women's field for a day that truly made me stoked.

Brandon Reis

As for the men, Chas Guldemond (to no one's surprise) took home the win, but not before a young kid named Justin Morgan from upstate New York gave Chuck a serious run for his money (literally). Chas held a commanding lead through the first two runs, but Justin–who dropped before him in the second run–landed a switch backside nine, a front ten, and a double backside rodeo to take the lead. Never one to be one-upped, Chas dropped in and regained the lead, making Morgan's victory hopes short lived. I gotta give it to Justin Morgan though, because unseating Chas from first place is no easy task, and other, more established riders have been trying to do that for years. Justin Morgan is the real deal. Chas's run consisted of a switch back nine, a back ten double cork, and a double backside rodeo, and he deserved to take the cake on this day. Nice work, Chas. Third place went to New Hampshire native Brandon Reis who put down a run of sevens and nines that wowed both the crowd and the judges. Other notables in men;s slope were Jacob Aaronson, Eric Beauchamin, fifteen year-old Darcy Sharpe, last year's defending champ San Hulbert, Calgary native Robby Balharry, and of course, the young gun from Finland Ville Paumola, who, if he wouldn't have fallen on the last rail feature, would've surely nabbed top five.

Stefi Luxton

The 2012 Canadian Open presented by MINI is all over. Be sure to check back to for full coverage of both the European Open and the year-ending U.S. Open, which is celebrating its thirty-year anniversary in March.



  1. Jamie Anderson, $10,000
  2. Sina Candrain, $5,000
  3. Stefi Luxton, $2,500


  1. Chas Guldemond, $10,000
  2. Justin Morgan, $5,000
  3. Brandon Reis, $2,500

Chas Guldemond

Jamie Anderson


Craig McMorris

Phil Hansen

Robby Balharry

Sam Hulbert