You could almost smell the campfire smoke at Copper Mountain on Saturday, February 6th as the riders flocked to the hill for the fifth stop of Burton Qualifiers. The Summit County park mecca, home to the talented Woodward Park Crew, had pulled all of the summery stops to bring The Great American Campout to life for the throng of competitors that arrived jonsing for a spot in the Burton Qualifiers Finals later this season. A campfire polejam, jib-able kayaks and dual hips made for a bevy of jib and tranny options and with riders like Christian Connors, Luke Winkelmann, Justin Phipps, Tristin Heiner and more on hand, the style was stickier and gooier than a freshly made s’more on an August evening. Here is the video filled with highlights from this stop of Burton Qualifiers. Check out the photos and full recap, too.

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