Burton US Open 2012: Night Jam

US Open Jam Laura Austin 42 course

A lot of the Night Jam riders were nervous because they heard it was gonna be a big setup. This speculation was fueled further when it was revealed that some stuff was planted on the wallride by Danny Davis and Shaun Murphy.

Recap: T. Bird
Photos: Laura Austin
Captions: Pat Bridges

The grand finale of the 2012 Burton US Open went down last night under the lights. As the only portion of the Open to not be held at the Sun Bowl (Washed Up Cup not to be included) the night event took center stage and stood alone as the icing on the cake in what was one of the best Opens in recent memory.

US Open Jam Laura Austin 08 jack

If Terje had been at The Open hitting the quarterpipe like Jack Mitrani, the bridge over the runway could have been called the Sprocking Catwalk. R: Jack Mitrani

Thirty years ago, snowboarders hadn't even considered ollieing off a small bump and locking their base onto a piece of metal, but due to the exponential evolution of our sport, rail riding is now a heavily marketed and fully legit genre within snowboarding, and has helped riders discern themselves from those that don bibs and drop into slope courses and perfectly cut pipes. Now, I use the term "rail jam" loosely when it comes to what went down on the front side of Stratton Mountain, because this feature-though it was composed of insane rails-was far from lumped in the category of a jibber-only offering. It was a behemoth, and the cutters, pushers, and shapers over at Snow Park Technologies worked tirelessly to make this one of the most photogenic and functional park features that has ever made an appearance at an Open.

US Open Jam Laura Austin 65 yale

Students of jibbing could get a phD from Yale. R: Yale Cousino

With two wallrides, half-a-dozen rails of different sizes and varieties, a massive quarterpipe, and a booter that could send any willing contender over the entire setup, there was a lot of options for the riders. One the women's side, Kjersti Buass was the only female competitor to send it over the jump with front three stales and stylish backside 180s. On the rails, it was Marie Hucal and Christy Prior who showed their mettle on the metal, with Christy taking the top spot for her efforts. As far as the men, Ulrik Badertscher, Mark McMorris, Chas Guldemond, Justin Morgan, Kyle Mack and Roope Tonteri took to the air in a dizzying display of double corks, every variation of 900, and double back rodeos. Needless to say, the crowd went crazy, because let's face it: When a bunch of East Coasters who normally don't witness acrobatics of that magnitude see a dude flipping through the air during a techno-fueled laser light show, they freak out. Oh yeah, Chas won...and he also hit the jump shirtless.

US Open Jam Laura Austin 92 danny

This is the first night jam that Danny Davis has been to in a few years that he didn't bring his guitar and bong, err...we mean bongos to. Nonetheless, he still found his rhythm and hit all the high notes. R: Danny Davis

Quarterpipe standouts were: Kim Rune Hansen who tossed up numerous double overhead Michalchuks; Danny Davis, with some gigantic air-to-fakies, and of course Jack Mitrani, whose backside airs were enormous. The men's rail portion featured Yale Cousino, Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale, Shaun Murphy, Mark and Craig McMorris, Dylan Dragotta, Mike Ravelson, Jeremy Cloutier, Jason Dubois, Dylan Thompson, and others who showcased their skills for the thousands of fans on-hand to watch the madness unfold. Aside from a few near collisions, it was a controlled chaos that was as fun to watch as it looked like it was to ride. After a handful of Open night event showings, Shaun Murphy finally got his due and took the win for the men.

US Open Jam Laura Austin 56 chas

Before Napster, rockstars didn't have to moonlight as snowboards to pay the bills. Chas Guldemond.

The 30th annual US Open Snowboarding Championships are a wrap, and the SNOWBOARDER crew is off to Loon and Waterville, NH for Eastern Boarder's Last Call on Monday and Pat Moore's annual Back to the Boneyard the following day, so be sure to check back for all the action from the east coast, only on snowboardermag.com.


Men (Jump): Chas Guldemond

Women (Jump): Kjersti Buass

Men (Rail): Shaun Murphy

Women (Rail): Christy Prior

US Open Jam Laura Austin 46

Jeremy Cloutier going over the wall on his way to a 270 onto the backside rail and the best jib trick honors for the night. R: Jeremy Cloutier


US Open Jam Laura Austin 89 shawn

Shaun tightened up his stance and loosened up his pants for the Night Jam and still took home the win. Oh, this is Shaun Murphy? In that case, his setup makes more sense. R: Shaun Murphy


We are The Night Jam Champions. Shaun & Chas