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All Photos: Laura Austin

Craig Kelly Burton 01

This photo was taken moments after the quad chair the subjects were on twice dipped twelve feet causing everyone to panic in a moment of Sugarloaf induced terror! Dean Seguin, Pat Bridges, Laura Austin, and Jake Carpenter.

Morning Ride at Stowe With Jake
Words: Laura Austin

I lived in Stowe, Vermont for 6 years, ridden well over 100 days at that mountain, but none were as memorable as the day I was given the opportunity to ride with one of the creators of this "sport" that now consumes my life. On January 13th Burton invited a lucky few in the snowboard media to ride at Stowe Mountain Resort with Jake Burton Carpenter before the opening ceremony of the Craig Kelly Proto Facility. Unfortunately for most, but luckily for a few, a snow storm had hit the night before, preventing some from flying in in time to catch the morning ride. But for Pat Bridges, Dean Seguin (the editor of Snowboard Canada), Anne-Marie Dacyshyn (Global PR Director for Burton), Jake and I it meant powder. Deep, fresh, white, powder. And what better tour guide to have at Stowe than Jake?

Craig Kelly Burton 02

This is the top of Stowe's infamous "Nose Dive" trail where Jake Blauvelt once did a nose butter three sixty to back five FT into a landing that was two feet of fresh ice.

A few runs on Spruce, a few runs on Mansfield, and the last run down the Bruce Trail to finish the day off. Stowe locals might know of the Bruce, but it is an out-of-bounds run that takes you halfway down the access road to the mountain. Meaning one very long, barely tracked tree run for our riding pleasure. Personally, that was one of the best runs I have had at Stowe. There are very few feelings that beat launching off natural features into powder, and this run was full of them. But you can't go downhill forever. By the end there were some flats we had to hammer through in order to get out. Jake came prepared with poles, and we had no choice to get a bit of an upper body workout. A small price to pay for the amazing run before it. We ended the morning of riding with a few drinks at Jake's cabin located conveniently located at the end of the Bruce Trail and a lunch back at his house. A day for the history books. Next stop, back to Burlington for the tour of the new Craig Kelly Proto Facility at the Burton Headquarters.

Craig Kelly Burton 04

Jake is like a professor when it comes to riding. Astute yet intuitive. Burton should make him some jackets with suede patches on the elbows. It'd be pretty decent.

Craig Kelly Burton 03

In local parlance Stowe's Bruce Trail would be considered "misty." SNOWBOARDER was lucky enough to tag along with Jake Burton on his requisite Stowe day which culminated with a journey down the Bruce Trail. Few Stowe locals have made this trek which involves some, oh we've said too much, locals getting gripped... Bruce Trail? Stowe. Never heard of 'em

Craig Kelly Burton 05

This simple looking entrance actually is rife with Dan Brown-esque symbolism. For example the wood above the door is actually made to approximate an avalanche barrier and within the top beam is the stencil "top secret" which is a nod to the packaging of the first Craig kelly Mystery Air. On the top stair is also Craig's stance.

Craig Kelly Proto Facility
Words: Pat Bridges

"Nothing beats snowboarding at a mountain that offers the right lines. Whether it's hopping rocks, jumping cliffs, board-sliding the nearest strip of metal or wood, simply carving a nice bank or popping an air over a small knoll, freeriding is where it's at. Whenever the conditions allow, my snowboarding objective is to use the mountain to its fullest potential." –Craig Kelly

The endeavor Craig speaks of in these words not only dictated his drive for onsnow progression on a grand scale but it bled into the peripheral aspects of his duties as a pro snowboarder. The same passion Craig applied to finding the perfect line was apparent in his role in helping to produce the perfect riding products. The fruits of this side of Craig Kelly, the icon, are felt in the carve of a quadratic sidecut, the practicality of the 3D hole pattern and the freestyle sensibilities of, well, freestyle specific highbacks. In the 80's for snowboarding to be taken seriously, we needed serious products capable of being utilized to their fullest by serious riders. Enter Craig Kelly the world champion and his signature Mystery Air, the pairing of which broke down resort barriers at a record pace and changed the face of the ski industry in the process.

Craig Kelly Burton 06

What's up with Jon? He seems a little on edge today. Oh, it's just his job.

Now, 8 years after Craig's passing Burton Snowboards continues to grow their commitment to rider driven products, an initiative which above all other reasons prompted Craig to begin the relationship in 1989, with the opening of the Craig Kelly Proto Facility. Located adjacent to the Burton headquarters in So. Burlington, VT. This state of the art R&D lab includes all of the tooling and machinery to take virtually any board or binding from concept to rideable prototype in less than 24 hours. This includes everything from cores and sidecuts, to highbacks and heelcups. Even graphical tangents can be exploited within this space as high tech screening machines and laser printers spew forth the latest work ups.

Craig Kelly Burton 07

When they said this would be a "press tour" we didn't think it would be so literal.

There is no telling what sort of creations Craig could conjure were he to have had a facility like this at his disposal back in the day, yet without his talent and vision one could safely surmise that Burton and in turn snowboarding would be much different.

Craig Kelly Burton 08

In 1992 Burton distributed mid release boards with minimal graphics that were called "Black Top's." They were real cool. You know. Cool like... Wu-Tang cool!

Craig Kelly Burton 10

That Cavity Install button looks like a pretty evil piece of technology.

Craig Kelly Burton 09

Sparks. Bitchin'.

Craig Kelly Burton 11

This very Love board may be going right to Keegan Valaika and may even appear in his Givin part. Think about the people involved in the products which enable the action which stokes the masses. Think.

Craig Kelly Burton 12

Within the Craig kelly proto Facility is a legit archive museum highlighting some of the more influential people, products and moments in the canon of Burton.

Craig Kelly Burton 13

That green topped blank with the Croakies sticker is arguably the most influential single board in the history of snowboarding. Not often that a board gets "fanned out on" but if ever one deserved it here it is.

Craig Kelly Burton 14

Mike Ranquet and Terje Haakonsen.

Craig Kelly Burton 15

Kevin Pearce has somehow unintentionally emerged as the conscience of our sport. He is a tangible reminder to all of us not to forsake the opportunites which emerge and be weary of taking it all too seriously. In that perhaps he is akin to Craig's Kelly's spirit now more than he ever was atop any podium. Kev and Donna Carpenter.