Photos & Captions: Jonathan Cheever

Most snowboarders would rather ride through the gates of hell than the gates of a race course but then again who among us hasn’t uttered the challenge of Chinese Downhill to their gang or bet a few rounds on who can beat who to the bottom. Well fact of the matter is that on paper boardercross is pretty badass. Xavier De La Rue is regarded as one of snowboarding’s most loco fall line lunatics and he is a BX champion, Ross Powers is recognized by many as having boosted the largest backside air in the history of halfpipe and he makes the start of a few boardercrosses from time to time and Shaun Palmer is still talking shit and taking names two decades after winning the world halfpipe title. Even Terje has a few boardercross victories on his resume. Jonathan Cheever recently sent in this Dispatch from the early season European BX circuit. Imagine rallying across Europe in a car with Palmer. Fucking sweet. Worth it for the Hetzel stories alone. – Pat Bridges

“I am sitting on my couch recollecting my recent twelve-day European Alps trip. Putting 2500 k on a brand new Focus in 12 days, shredding six days on next year's Kessler snowboards, consuming about 20 pints, too much schnapps to mention and playing spoons in an Austrian folk music band, as they put on a fundraiser for me and spending a majority of my trip with a sober Shaun Palmer is making my head spin.

Thanks to Unterrainer and the Kirchenwirt for putting me up, the Bergeizel Sextett for getting me drunk and helping me financially, Drift Innovations for giving me equipment to document with, Kessler for his snowboards and Emil Frey Garage Nord for the brand new Focus.” – Jonathan Cheever