Cameron Pierce

Date of Birth: 07.10.87 Home: Brighton, UT Stance: Goofy

Unlike Orville and Wilbur Wright, who a century ago turned to ingenuity and physics to achieve airtime, fellow North Carolinian Cameron Pierce chose snowboarding. In the latest Forum release Forever, Cameron breaks out with a grip of shots that make anything that went down at Kitty Hawk a hundred years ago look pussy. (How's that for some in-your-face hyperbole?) Now, back to our regularly scheduled On Deck interview…

Pat Bridges-

Cameron Pierce tree to stump transfer

Like all good up-and-comers, Cam Pierce takes a different approach to the terrain he rides. This denotes two things: One, that the kid's got vision. Two, that the kid's got talent. A fine formula for a profitable future. Tree to Tree transfer in Tahoe. P: Tim Pierce

Tell us about snowboarding at Cataloochee in North Carolina.
Cataloochee is a small hill in the Appalachians; I basically was one of like four people that snowboarded there. At Cataloochee there's a lot of camo one pieces— the usual hunting attire. There are two lifts, five trails, and maybe like 500 feet of vertical.

Ever ride there with anyone who looks like Benjamin Button?
Tyler Flanagan? Little Flanny—I shredded with him all the time at Cataloochee. If you ask him about Cataloochee, he'll for sure say he knows what's up.

How did you get a gig working on Brighton's park staff?
Right after I graduated high school in 2006, I was a digger at Windells and Jared Winkler from Brighton was the head digger. By the end of the summer I had made friends with all the Brighton park crew dudes, and they said I had a job if I wanted to move there. Then I just peaced out of North Carolina to Utah.

Are the resorts around Salt Lake still stereotyped by the locals?
I would say that most of the hipsters ride Brighton, most of the gangsters ride Park City, and thehippy-powshred-dogs ride Snowbird. A lot of the ex-park crew kids at Brighton work at The Canyons now—they have their own little deal and are just now starting to make a name.

While we're on the subject of "making things," can you tell us how to make moonshine?
Start with equal parts water, corn, and sugar. You mash it all up and then let it sit in the sun and ferment for a few weeks. Next, put it all in a still and heat it. The steam will rise to the top, collect, and then slowly run down a coil to a bucket at the bottom. Inside that bucket is white lightning.

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Scotty Lago, Cerro Catedral, Argentina. Photo: Aaron Dodds

This content was originally published in the November 2009 issue.


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