Camping out away from the hustle of urban environments is one of summer’s most simple pleasures. Heading into the woods with your crew, a cooler, and a few ways to make some music is definitely a highlight of the warm months. But, when your tent spot is at the bottom of Mt. Hood in Oregon, your posse is the entirety of the CAPiTA Super Corporation, from pros to ams to regional riders, as well as in house crew, reps, and homies, and your cooler isn’t filled with hotdogs, it’s got an entire pig ready to be put on the coals–well, you’re in for one of the most celebrated weeks of summers: CAMPiTA. This year, CAMPiTA turned six and it was, true to form, the best year yet. CAPiTA TM, Mark Dangler penned some words about what truly makes this an unforgettable week, year after year, and you can live vicariously through video of this year’s hallowed week on the glacier and in the woods.