Pass the mashed potatoes, Colt Morgan and crew in Utah just dropped a quick hit edit straight from the Bone Zone at Brighton. The Change That Tape rail has been seeing more action than the beer tap at the local bar on Thanksgiving Eve as Brighton’s talented locals have been warming up for winter on its smooth, metal surface. Like a boat full of piping hot gravy, the Change That Tape rail goes well with everything: spins on, spins off, frontlips, backlips, presses, pretzels, and bonks. So metaphorically douse your Thanksgiving with a heavy helping of piping hot Bone Zone boarding and stay tuned…there’s a new video with plenty of hams dropping soon.

Featuring Cale Zima, Max Tokunaga, Ted Borland, Chris Grenier, Jesse Gouveia, and Spencer Schubert. Filmed and edited by Colton Morgan.

From Bone Zone:

The Bone Zone is different every day. But no matter what, most of the time, it starts here. The Change That Tape is the ultimate early season rail. Tricks come back, new ones get learned, and everyone feeds off each other. Its where everyone starts off every morning before moving on to whatever else. Get ready for what comes after these sessions, full edit coming soon…