Chas Guldemond, Crested Butte, Colorado. P: Nate Christenson

Chas Guldemond, Crested Butte, Colorado. Photo: Nate Christenson



It's safe to say that New Hampshire native Chas Guldemond is the most deserving rider to crack the top ten in recent memory. With more contest podiums than anyone else this year and a deserving video part to boot in Standard's Black Winter, Chuck G's on-hill diversity was unparalleled. Living legend and Alaskan destroyer Nicolas Müller noticed Chas's stellar winter, saying, "He's out there killing it. A contest every weekend, a solid video part, and he's smiling all the while. He's having the time of his life and he deserves it." Guldemond's former DC teammate and Standard sibling Torstein Horgmo put Chas in his top five for "his overall contest-ripping plus a banger video part in Black Winter." From indoor contests to in front of the cameras, this buzzard created some serious buzz last winter, and his hard work paid off.

The Hungry Buzzard Gets The Worm

Aside from his stellar video offering in Standard Films' Black Winter, Chas's pedigree in the competitive realm was unmatched in 2008/2009. Over twenty-five contest entries worldwide culminated with the overall Burton Global Open Series title, runner-up in the overall TTR standings, and more than $145,000 in the bank after the awards ceremony. As if doubling your annual salary in contest winnings wasn't enough, Chas also managed to win the Nippon Open pipe, the US Open slopestyle, and podium at more than a dozen events across the globe, making him the winningest single-season rider since Shaun White's contest domination in 2005/2006. Here's hoping that Chas's #10 placing stokes his flames for this winter, and that someone will put him on their board program, because the Guldemond's a money-making workhorse.

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