Check In: The New Year with Forest Bailey

If you don’t know Forest by now, we don’t know where you have been. He has been dropping celebrated parts for the past decade and seems to be popping up even more these days through art collabs and the like. A full-time street savant that is equally capable on any canvas set in front of him, snowboarding or otherwise, we caught up with the adidas rider to see if he had any insight on where life is leading after his latest season dropping the FSBS edits. Enjoy.

What are you up to?
Drinking coffee right now.

Would you consider yourself a healthy eater while you are on trips? Or is it all McDonalds and Donuts?
I try to be but also I try not to be to picky, eating on the road you have to pick your battles. Food is energy.

Are you related to the Irish Cream guys?
Bailey is neither of my parent’s original last name, it was the last name of a close friend of theirs. When they married, they changed their names. No Irish relation.

Bailey Forest.

Good start to the season?
Slow but good. Happy to be riding snow again.

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How was Louif's backyard? Any good stories from those sessions?
Just good times and inspiration for living in the woods again someday. Lou has it dialed in Quebec.

Mike Yoshida: Who is a better disc golf player, you or your dad, Barry Bailey?
Haha, my dad thinks disc golf is kooky… he plays ultimate frisbee. More like soccer, lots of running. He is way better than me for sure.

Adidas basically swept at the TWS awards… how does it feel to be a part of that crew?
So proud of everyone working hard and making their visions come to life. Excited to ride with everyone more in the future.

Coming off such a fun and successful edit series like FSBS, anything turning in the brain for this season?
Haha, just glad people enjoyed what Seamus and I made last year, was one of the best years of my life and I’m excited to watch those videos when I’m old and re-live the energy. Now, I’m just trying to snowboard more. Be in the mountains more. Keep all the high energy flowing.

How do you go about selecting spots for the season and organizing trips?
Try to just let it happen. I find less planning gets the best results.

Do you google earth spots?
No. But other people do.

You recently painted murals with Nora Vasconcellos, how was that?
So cool, I’m a huge fan of her skating and her art. Hope through Adidas we can paint some more stuff soon. Trying to do more Murals! Git me up if you have a wall for me to paint people!!

Big Fam

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Do you draw any parallels between your art, your snowboarding and your skateboarding?
Just in the ways that I have so much love for them all and hope to be doing them for the rest of my life. They are all different forms of self expression / releasing energy into the world. But I doubt you’ll be seeing many paintings of mountains or people snowboarding/skating. Skate/snow art can be funny like that, for me it can be too much. I already do these things all the time, now I’m going to draw and paint them too, so that people who also enjoy these activities will be drawn to my work? I want my work to speak to people in a different and more abstract way. The ideas in my art are simple and mostly inspired by other things and thoughts in my life. Its nice to skate, snowboard and make art, but have them all be individual separate things. But let them meld together through graphics, clothing, paintings etc..

Any New Year resolutions?
Treat my body better always, paint more, snowboard more, skate more. I think 2019 is gonna be a good year.

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