Did you know you can burn 10 to 40 calories from the average laugh? Sexton was nothing but skin and bones after this one. Joe Sexton, Simon Chamberlain, and JP Walker.

Words and Photos: Laura Austin

It's that time of year, movie premieres have begun to roll out in Southern California, and the People Crew started things off with a bang. Riders, media, brand representatives and anyone looking for a good time flooded the Oakley Headquarters to see People's new movie "Cheers". The film itself was fast paced and high energy… if you blinked you might have missed a banger. Jeremy Jones got the opener and the stuff that that guy still has in his bag of tricks is unbelievable. Same goes for JP Walker. Seth Huot may have rolled out his strongest part ever with a healthy mix of pow and urban shots. The POV footage from Bryan Fox and Shaun McKay will make your head spin, or at least make you think your head it spinning. As for the ender, Joe Sexton definitely deserved it. Throughout a standard part you tend to hear one or two "ohhhs" and "ahhhs" from the crowd, but in Sexton's case, almost every shot was worthy. It will probably go down as one of the all time great jib parts. According to SNOWBOARDER's editor Pat Bridges, "if you are allergic to kink rails stock up on antihistamine".


Oakley's fortress

Cheers Premiere 001

Brain freeze is the result from a nerve response causing rapid dilation and swelling of blood vessels. A hangover is the result of hypoglycemia, dehydration, acetaldehyde intoxication, glutamine rebound, and vitamin B12 deficiency. Ordering an "adult snow cone" is the result of all the beer being gone.


I normally wouldn't post a photo where someone's eyes are closed. But Adam Moran's expression is priceless. Sorry Foxy.


This photo isn't really helping any of the speculations made about Dalton. Burton's Zack Dalton and Volcom's Pat Field.


Fried Chicken.


If someone decided they wanted to destroy the snowboard industry, blowing up this building would have been a hell of a start.


Some of the men behind The People Crew Justin Eeles, Pierre Minhondo, and Sam Hiltner.



Did you know they call cotton candy "fairy floss" in Austraila? SurfSide Sports' Julieann Chang Manfredi indulging.


Water has never looked so good. Monster's Evan LeFebvre and Scotty Arnold.


Mike Hakker, Joe Carlino (realizing that he probably shouldn't be in this photo), Evan, Jake Kuzyk, and Lance Hakker.


Eddie Wall balancing out that DC logo on his right hand with a wedding band on his left. Him and his newly made fiance Saori.


Two people who stood out in the movie. Seth Huot and Joe Sexton.


Mark Landvik turned up later in the night.