This is not the Chile you know. These are not the Andes you usually see, replete with steep, open powder fields, mountain faces brimming with stacked snowflakes ready to be pilfered by seamless, arching turns and pillow-soft touchdowns. This is lift-accessed snow that crunches underfoot in the early morning hours. This is hiking around a the square mile perimeter outside your humble lodging to find obstacles that are prime to drop into. Where pole jams and jibs are handmade by finding random metal fixtures and rocks are plentiful for riding on and around. There’s hand-sculpted hips and groomed runs on which to get low. This is the Chile of chikenmeat. This is Chile Con Pollo 7.

In August, a southern hemisphere exploit materialized suddenly and filmer Jon Stark raised the battle cry to head south. Mike Rav, Blake Paul, Max and Gus Warbington, Parker Szumowski, and photog Colton Morgan hopped on a plane and navigated their way through the Chilean city streets, up the switchbacks of the access road to the Farrellones ski resort and spent the next ten days exploiting the South American snow for all it was worth. This is a crew that doesn’t find fresh snow and massive steeps necessary; their brand of boarding is accessible on any terrain and over the course of their extended winter trip, they succeeded in bringing a sense of style, enjoyment, and unbridled exuberance into their area of the Andes. chikenmeat has gone global, and we’re very happy they did.