Technine Team Series Bradshaw

Chris Bradshaw

DOB: 05.29.80

Board: Technine Team B-Shaw

Home Mountain: Crestline, CA

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Technine, Electric, Ambiguous, J.S.L.V., Neff, Bear Mountain, F.O.D.T., Vans, Grenade, The Pharmacy, Ride Shop


More important than B-Shaw’s signature board is his signature style, which is loose–to say the least. On any given winter day, Big Bear Lake lies calm in the background while Bradshaw laps Gambler leaving locals and visiting pros behind in his buttery wake. Expect Chris Bradshaw to hang tough in the longest railslide challenge and high ollie events, but don't sleep on his halfpipe and spinning skills. As for the Chinese Downhill, Confusious say "Man who drive like hell bound to get there."

Chris Bradshaw. Photo: E-Stone

Chris Bradshaw. Photo: E-Stone