cold front spread

Cold Front Spread in the November issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Rider: Chas Guldemond. Photo: Huggy.

This content was pulled from SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s November 2010 issue. Go to your local snowboard shop, bookstore, or download a copy from Zinio.



All Photos: Huggy

I've been organizing my own spring park shoots in the Tahoe area for the past four years. This spring, I worked with Chris Castaneda and the SPT/Northstar crew to get this sick double line ready for a private shoot. I called up Jeremy Thompson to come shred with me because I knew he would throw down and bring along his good energy. There's nothing better and more rewarding than being able to have a private session at your home resort. Northstar was closed for the season, so a few of the guys brought their sons up to watch. I had my dogs and my girl there, and we just had a good time. Jeremy and I would ride for a few hours, and then we'd take a break and barbecue. Jeremy was even spotted bronzing in a lawn chair. A few really productive days, good friends, endless burgers, and three epic sunsets…it was Tahoe at its finest. -CHAS GULDEMOND

chas guldemond animation

No animals were harmed in the making of this animation. Rider: Chas Guldemond.

jeremy thompson sunset

It's surprising that Northstar wasn't infested with mice this day, look at the size of that cheese wedge. Rider: Jeremy Thompson.

chas guldemond dogs 2

Butt shot times 3. Rider: Chas Guldemond.

chas jeremy doubles

Spraying on the hill is like splashing in pool right? All in good fun.

jeremy thompson animation

It's very rare that you could classify a snowboard photo as cute. This one might just do it though. Rider: Jeremy Thompson.

chas guldemond sunset

Ahh the Golden Hour. One of the best times to shoot a photo, and apparently one of the best times to get inverted. Rider: Chas Guldemond.

jeremy thompson dogs

Chas' dog Tucker obviously way more interested in Huggy taking the photo than Jeremy Thompson.

chas guldemond dogs 4

Guldemond and his pups Lucy and Tucker. Rider: Chas Guldemond.

chas jeremy doubles 2

What is this Huggy? Two angles of the same trick? Whichever shot is worse, T-Bird probably took it.

chas guldemond bbq

Burgers, babes, and boards. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Rider: Chas Guldemond.