The Cold Front Tour Hits New York City—The Beta Boys in Brooklyn

The Cold Front Tour hit NYC this past Thursday and poor airport planning aside, so did seven of the ten riders from The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Beta. Feeling right at home along the Hudson, the riders came in from their respective corners of North America to party and hang like it was mid-winter, sans the heavy board bags and freezing temps. Finn Westbury, Krugs, Benny Milam, Jared Elston, Reid Smith, Nik Baden, and Brandon Davis all met up for their one-month reunion post-world premiere in Brooklyn, NY this past Thursday at Cobble Hill Cinemas.

The Beta Boys introduced in Brooklyn. p: Clavin

Starting the night off at Skate Brooklyn Skate Shop, the crew signed a few posters and rode the miniramps before heading a mile down the road to open the doors for the completely booked night. Minutes after the doors opened, the seats were filled and the beer line stretched through the lobby. Although it was in Brooklyn, anyone passing by could have easily mistaken the whole scene for a night on the Jersey Shore with how many family members and friends showed up to support the closest thing to a hometown hero, NJ’s Reid Smith. Winning the night for loudest crowd, NYC was Reid’s world, and we were all just living in it. Cheers to another great stop. Thanks to 10 Barrel, Ikon Pass, and Dragon Alliance for the support and the NYC scene for showing up!

Reid’s World. p: Clavin

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