Commotion: Full Movie

Words: T. Bird

With today’s buffet of snowboard flicks, the grassroots scene is thriving. Problem is, many of them get overlooked due directly to the mass influx of low-budget films. There’s just too many, as every kid with a digi cam can film his friends all winter, find the proper contacts on any snowboard magazine/company website or blog, and have it posted within ten minutes of retrieval. Well, Commotion is one film that shouldn’t be looked past.

It’s a salute to snowboarding’s underground heroes (in my opinon). The opener, centered around Harrison Gordon and Keegan Valaika views more like a homey section than an actual split-part. With cameos by Jed Anderson, Ted Borland, Jarad Hadi, Chris Carr, Tyler Verigan, Chris Grenier, and Wyatt Stasinos, it was refreshing as much as it was rad. Oh, and did I mention that the film is directed and produced by Nick Russell and Cody Rosenthal? That should add some street cred to the whole campaign. Jeff Kramer may be the most underrated snowboarder out there today. His part included a vast array of backcountry ballistics, with cameo appearances by Wyatt Caldwell, Nate Farrell, Kyle Clancy, Gabe Taylor, Rob Kingwill, and none other than Kevin Jones. It was an ode to those who still kill it, and one of my favorite parts to watch.

Nate Farrell’s section mirrors his personality. Acapella-ing his own song, Farrell clips range from the Sierra backcountry to Superpark, and he’s got some legit shit in there. The brains behind the operation, Nick Russell and Cody Rosenthal share a part. Enough said. It’s awesome. These two are snowboarders’ snowboarders, and they’ve garnered the respect of their peers after seasons of being underrated. Cody is one of my favorite snowboarders to watch, and Nick’s style is nearly unmatched.

I could go on for days, but that would be wasting your time. If you’re reading this, you’re blowing it. Forget about this pseudo-review, and just click play above, sit back, relax, and enjoy one of my favorite films of the year: Commotion. You will not be bummed. That, I promise you.