The Drink Water Rat Race is back! With over $100k raised for over the past five years of Rat Races, the kind people over at Drink Water are tying Michael Jordan’s number of NBA Championships with another race running this summer. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

On July 12, the the 6th Annual Drink Water Rat Race will be run at Mt. Hood under the watchful eyes of Austin Smith and Bryan Fox. With over $10,000 of prizes from sponsors, donating by June 30th will give you a chance to run in the race and tickets to enter the drawings. Winners will be announced July 1st. Prizes include a box of 100 pairs of socks, Austin Smith’s famous Himalayan suit, truck tires and so on.

Ben Ferguson races the good race. p: Bird

Last year, Curtis Ciszek and Hailey Langland took the top spots. Do you think you have what it takes to beat the best times?

Drawings for individual prizes will also be Live on the Drink Water Instagram account starting on July 6th and occurring daily through July 12th so make sure to donate before then. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

Drink Water Rat Race Sixth Annual Summer Snowboarding