Photos by: Andrew Sekora
Words by: Christian Senrud

This past Saturday, Comune held a little party in Costa Mesa to celebrate the official launch of Drop City “Experiments in Occultism and Parapsychology. They have a neat little bunker in Costa Mesa where they had some art indoors, and some music, free food and beverages outside. It was a lovely little Saturday night. The “Occult” seems to be pretty hot right now. It’s kind of weird. Not in like the “I find this offensive” weird. Just weird. Browse through any number of artsy blogs or tumblrs or whatever and you’re going to see a bunch of pentagrams and horns, black and white photos of goat heads and shit like that. And I’m not shitting on it. It just seems really “in” right now and I think it’s funny. Mainly because I think if most of the people contributing to this artistic inclination actually experienced some sort of occult or demonic phenomena, they would literally piss out of their eyes. Not that I blame them. I don’t want any fucking demons cohabiting up in my shit and turning all my crucifixes upside down when I’m just trying to relax at home with some three dollar wine and an etch a sketch. That shit is annoying. Then you got to call an exorcist and you know he’s going to price gouge you, so you’re going to have to shop around, all while Lou and Lucy Fer are rearranging your insides, making you put things in your orifices and what not. It’s just not something I want to deal with. But I digress…The point is, Satan is so hot right now. Anyway, here are some photos from the show in case you didn’t get to go. There were a ton of beautiful babies bounding around, Comune supplied a shit ton of free food and booze, there were some great sculptures, photographs and paintings hanging up, and Pabst even threw some tasties into the mix for all of us to enjoy. And enjoy we did. Thanks to Comune for hosting the party. Here’s a little tidbit from their site about the concept for Drop City:
And here are their (much better) photos from the night and quick recap without the inane rambling of some random dickhead like myself: