Cooper Whittier Wins Men’s Rookie of the Year—2020 Snowboarder Awards

words by Mary Walsh

Congrats Cooper! Esteemed representative of The Dust Box, Cooper Whittier opens up the SNOWBOARDER’s Everybody, Everybody, with a four-minute part. In it, Cooper shuts down spots both archetypal and avante garde, proof positive of his distinct style of snowboarding that is technical, loose, and inventive. In his opener the Maine-born rider sets the tone, not only for the entirety of the movie and for what we should expect from him in the coming seasons, but for where street snowboarding is at when it comes to the rising generation. It is clear that Cooper is in the vanguard of up-and-comers with his first video part, an offering worthy of a rider who has been doing it for years.

Cooper Whittier
Photo Credit: Chris Wellhausen

Fellow Everybody rider, Phil Hansen, agrees, commenting that Cooper “filmed the best part of the year on his first part, ever.” 2020 Short Film of the Year headliner nominee, Austen Sweetin also recognized Cooper for his opener, noting that, “He went huge, hitting technical rails with style.” Nial Romanek and Eddie Wall provided their two cents, offering that “Cooper had the sickest urban video part of the year,” and “The rail game is strong in this young Jedi,” respectively, while Chris Beresford put into words what many in the ROTY constituency were thinking, saying “The kid simply has it and is the future.”

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