Leave it to the Grand Prix series to turn a rail jam into a pipe contest. R: Austen Sweetin

Words: Pat Bridges
Photos: Aaron Dodds

On Saturday the 10th of December, 2011 Copper Mountain once again hosted a Paul Mitchell Progression Session featuring a handful of the best up and coming jibbers on earth let loose on a next level setup. Johnny Lazzereschi, Johnny Brady, Will Lavigne, Antonin Chamberlain, Zak Hale, Scott Vine, Dylan Alito, Brandon Hobush, Ryan Paul, Ty Walker, Spencer Schubert, Jordan Phillip, Benji Farrow, Cheryl Maas, Brooke Voight, Austin Sweeten, Jonah Owen, Yale Cousino, and Matts Kulesik filled out the invite only field. After the hour and a half jam the results were as follows.


Brooke Voight showing off in front of the strapping in young lads.

1. Yale Cousino
2. Eric Beauchemin
3. Jonah Owen
1. Brooke Voight
2. Cheryl Maas
3. Ty Walker


With so much action happening it is hard as a bystander to pick highlights therefore the following riders have provided their take on the best tricks of the evening.

Dylan Alito: My personal fav was Jonah Owen's cab 5 melon off the flatground over the closeout. That shit was so hot!


Onesey's or twosey's but not 2 z's like Johnny's last name. R: Johnny Lazzereschi

Will Lavigne: In my opinion Anto's cab 270 on the down flat, Lazz's bs 360 on the down rail and Eric Beauchemin's gap fs 360 to 50-50 on the kink were the best tricks of the night.

Austen Sweetin: Lazz's bs 360 on the down bar.

Yale Cousino: Beauchemin's cab on bs 5 off the closeout.


The uneven bars are a part of gymnastics competition. Johnny Lazz with a compulsory gap from the closeout to the down flat down. R: Johnny Lazzereschi

Scott Vine: The best trick in my opinion was Yale's blunt to 450 off the down bar. He handled the trick like a boss.

Jonah Owen: Spencer Schubert's face scorp and Alito's boardslide to flip.

Ryan Paul: I think Yale's front board 450 on the closeout was the best.

Johnny Brady: I think Dylan Alito's bs boardslide from flat to pretzel out on the closeout was my favorite trick.


Wonder if Paul Mitchell products were used to groom the setup. R: Zak Hale.

Men's winners. L to R. Eric Beauchemin, Yale Cousino, Jonah Owen

Women's winners. L to R. Cheryl Mass, Brooke Voight, Ty Walker