Jed Anderson has always been a person who has defined his snowboard only by the boundaries of his own interests and impulses; it’s part of what makes him one of the most accomplished and unique riders nonchalantly setting the standard when it comes to proper tricks. As a testament to this, last winter, Salomon Snowboards sent filmer Tanner Pendleton out with Jed for a season of shooting and the result is Crazy Loco, a short film following Jed and friends as they travel, strap in, and drop in. The above video is merely the teaser for the project. To watch the movie in its entirety, go to your local snowboard shop and pick up a copy of Crazy Loco along with a special edition booklet of Jed’s art and photos, all for free from Salomon. In Crazy Loco, Jed is joined by Scott Stevens, Harrison Gordon, Jake Kuzyk, Chris Grenier, Danimals and more, so surely this is something you want to have a copy of. So, watch this teaser, put on your shoes, head out the door, and pick up your copy of Crazy Loco.

From Salomon:

This season Salomon Snowboards gave Jed Anderson a filmer and the freedom to create whatever he wanted. The result is Crazy Loco, an original short, filmed and edited by Tanner Pendleton.

On location in Calgary, Japan, Montreal and Minnesota, the project captures not only the riding of some of the most talented snowboarders in the world, but something unusual and refreshing. Released on September 23, 2014 at your local shop for FREE, Crazy Loco comes with a limited booklet of 40 pages of Jed’s art and photographs. Get it while supplies last. Presented by Salomon Snowboards.

Also featuring Harrison Gordon, Jake Kuzyk, Scott Stevens, Chris Carr, Mike Rav, Joe Sexton, Teddy Koo, Dylan Ojo, Chris Grenier, Danimals, Jake O.E, and Louif Paradis.