Mountain Creek has long been an snowboarding oasis in the busy Midatlantic corridor outside of NYC. The trails of South Mountain, covered from top to bottom in rails, jumps, and more make for quick access to hot laps and the local talent reaps the benefits, which is clearly visible in the first-ever Creek Kids full movie, Fully Phased. It’s just like the Boss said, “You can't start a fire sitting around, crying over a broken heart. This gun's for hire, even if we're just dancing in the dark.” Are we right? But seriously, these guys are better than a pre-riding Taylor ham breakfast sandwich on a cold January day. Ok, enough NJ colloquialisms. Watch Fully Phased because these guys are good and filmer/editor Chris Szczypala nailed it.

Matt Genovese, Justin Brzotowski, Kyle Earl, Matt “Bistro’s Bistro” Bothfield, Brett Stewart. Jon Koch, Tom Weiss, Ryan MatthesTommy Magazeno, Cody Busy, Jake Bush, Kade Madsen, Jake Luczak, and Kevin Kaczynski.