The mountains that encircle Lake Tahoe are Curtis Woodman’s home break when it comes to his penchant for Earth surfing, and he has an expansive knowledge of the equally sweeping terrain of rocky lines, open faces, and cliff drops. In short, Curtis knows were to get the goods. Last winter, Tahoe didn’t experience the consistent heavy snowpack that the region usually maintains, but the tide came in when late season snowstorms hit. In the fourth episode of Arbor Snowboards’ Surf the Earth, with powder rampant, Curtis met up with Danny Davis, Scott Blum, and Taylor Carlton to drop into some of Tahoe’s gnarliest backcountry spots and throw down some insane riding. With every episode of Surf the Earth, Curtis has built on a foundation of surf-style snowboarding and in the final episode of the year, he throws down with some of the most technical riding to date. Enjoy.

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