04 February 2014 – The two first riders are confirmed for The Arctic Challenge 2014. Stylish and creative rider Danny Davis and French charger Arthur Longo, although from different continents, represent the origin and good values of snowboarding.

After informing the snowboard community about our plans for the 2014 event, we have received lots of feedback. We are humble when so many good people want to contribute to the progression of our sport. Danny and Arthur are not only great riders with style, creativity and identity. They're also deeply rooted in snowboarding history and values. When snowboarding is becoming more and more like any other sport, we need to remember where we're coming from and what built our sport, says Terje Haakonsen.

Danny Davis, coming in from X Games halfpipe victory including a huge switch method, a tweaked out McTwist and a massive backside 360 , have made his contributions through the Peace pipe and park project, widely respected in snowboarding. He brings experience and energy to The Arctic Challenge project:

I’m happy to say that I am glad that transition snowboarding is changing from the same old fu%#ing half pipe! I’m bored of knowing exactly what runs are going down. I’m bored of people practicing a “routine” like we are figure skaters or something. Normal halfpipes are dead and creative transitions are the future, says Danny Davis in an honest tone, highly appreciated at The Arctic Challenge.

Arthur Longo, winner of The Arctic Challenge 2009 quarterpipe, and great transition and park rider, goes on:

I’ve been a part of the contest for so many years by now and it’s always an exciting time of my winters. The TAC crew always tries to come with improvements and great ideas and I’m glad to be one of the riders that support their love for true snowboarding. Focusing on classic pipe contests didn’t leave me much room to being creative lately and I’m really looking forward to challenge myself with a newer (but old) approach.