Danyale Patterson – full part 2013

Over the past few years, Danyale Patterson has been staking her claim in snowboarding with hard work and really solid style. This Alaskan native is no slouch in the streets and her vision is two-fold: not only has she contributed to pushing the boundaries of what’s happening in rail riding, she’s concocted a slew of edits and full movies that are garnering more and more attention with each release. All of her efforts are paying off in spades, too. This year, Danyale put out leading parts in Roxy’s Wilder and Too Hard’s Still Hard, the latter a video that she produced herself. With everything that Danyale is putting her time and effort into, it’s even more impressive that she has such a depth of shots from the past season. Watch Danyale’s part, because she is one of the snowboarders leading the charge to elevate women’s urban riding and we’re stoked to be along for the ride.

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