DC Snowboarding’s Hit & Run came to Whistler, BC for the lastest and fastest stop of its ’16 circuit. The unique nature of the Hit & Run demands a well-rounded boarder and well-waxed boards. Riders not only have to try to clock the hastiest time, but weaved among the gates, like massive, poppy speed bumps, are a series of slopestyle accents (big ol’ booters and pristine jibs) on which competitors are also judged. In itself, being the fastest won’t get you far. The Hit & Run demands that finesse be maintained as the sharp-edged savages vying for gold barrel around berms and blaze past gates. We’ll tell you, it ain’t easy keeping your style in tact while your heart is heaving like a helicopter and your organs are somewhere near your knees. The final event at Whistler gave this technical fast fest a proper finish line, providing a tangle of sweet features on the slipperiest of slopes.

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