When the snow started coming down in early November, the DC team headed to California to embark on a week-long road trip to Mammoth Mountain’s 2015 Opening Week. Iikka Backstrom, Justin Fronius, Anto Chamberland, Marc Salas and new global ams, Brady Lem and Jordan Morse first met up in Southern California in order to get in a session at the DC Loker private skatepark and dig into some requisite In-N-Out burgers before piling into a 45-foot RV and pointing it north on 395. A few pit stops later and the crew arrived at Mammoth–even better a storm the previous day had dumped over a foot of fresh and there were plenty of pockets left to be plundered when the sun came out on the crew’s first day of boarding. The rest of Opening Week was a blur of powder slashes, park laps, high fives, and apres coolies, all on steady repeat as each day opened up to perfect condition for opening-to-close boarding. This crew runs deep with talent and after shutting down the park by Saturday, they headed into the village for to celebrate at a double-header premiere of Shred Bots’ Shredtopia and The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD. It was a heck of a week up in the Sierras and one thing is for sure, when the DC team is on hand, no rail, transition, or bottle of tequila is safe.