DC TRANSITORS: Quebec MegaGallery with Anto Chamberland, Justin Fronius, Brady Lem, and Jordan Morse

This rail had a grippy rubberized coating but Anto Chamberland powered through it with no problem. Photo: Andy Wright
Anto's truck is like an unending tool shed full of the necessary gear, including flame throwers. Photo: Andy Wright
Brady Lem took flight once he saw this iconic spot. Photo: Andy Wright
Driving the winch is a full time gig. Luckily we had two experienced dudes at the helm. Photo: Bobby Meeks
Justin Fronius had us pull over so he could check for mail. Photo: Andy Wright
Luckily for Justin Fronius, no one had brought their paintball guns to this specific spot. Photo: Bobby Meeks
Jordan Morse knew that the faster he got the shot, the quicker we could hit up Tim Hortons again. Photo: Andy Wright
Jordan Morse representing. Photo: Bobby Meeks
Justin Fronius. Photo: Andy Wright
Teamwork makes the dream work. Photo: Bobby Meeks
Brady Lem, up and over. Photo: Andy Wright
Tim Horton's fan club. Photo: Andy Wright
Justin Fronius bushwacking in the streets. Photo: Andy Wright
Anto Chamberland: local translator, police whisperer, man of mystery. Photo: Andy Wright
Filmer Petrus Koskinen deserves to put his feet up once in a while. Photo: Bobby Meeks
Go big or go home. And play Yahtzee. That's Brady Lem's motto. Photo: Bobby Meeks
Jordan Morse walking it back. Photo: Bobby Meeks
Fronius keeps a close eye on Brady from the safety of our sketchy paintball building. Photo: Bobby Meeks
You're gonna be just as hyped as these guys once you see the full edit. Coming soon to SNOWBOARDER. Photo: Andy Wright

The TRANSITORS travel to their first destination: Quebec, Canada

The first of December is admittedly an early date to start filming a street video by most standards. That being said, Anto Chamberland, the seasoned vet, was confident even as we checked the forecast, though it looked fairly bleak. Mid-range temps and little snow were predicted, plus a high chance of a warm spell that would thaw out what bit of coverage there was in the city. Nevertheless, tickets were booked and off we went. It was on and there was no turning back.

The idea behind TRANSITORS is simple in theory, but not in practice: film for two weeks, edit for about a week, then drop the video. Meanwhile, real time photos and videos get posted on Instagram and Facebook throughout the filming so you can get a no-bullshit look at what really goes down during these trips. Of course it's the good times, but also the bad, and everything else in between. With a rotating cast of characters for the next few months, this project is truly unique. It's all real, unscripted, and perfectly true to one of the best parts about snowboarding: traveling around with some of your best buds and making it happen.


The Squad Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Brady Lem, Anto Chamberland, Jordan Morse, Petrus Koskinen, Justin Fronius, Bobby Meeks, Andy Wright, Justin Cafiero, Sam Sosnowski. Photos: Petrus Koskinen

The crew on this particular mission? Anto Chamberland, no stranger to the streets and equipped with literally every tool necessary to emerge victorious in the urban sprawl of Quebec. We're talking about a literal truck full of everything from flamethrowers to drop in ramps, shovels, generator, lights… the list goes on. Not to mention the endless confidence and support – a major key to a successful mission. Not only focusing on the #DCTRANSITORS project, Anto was also keen to start his season with a bang and stack clips for his Real Snow edit at the same time, which is no easy task. Brady Lem, the Midwestern young gun who's been on a steady rise due to his easy style and even more laid back attitude. Don't be fooled, though. The dude is hungry and willing to put in the work. Jordan Morse, a solid addition to any trip, plus the added bonus of having just wrapped up another movie project with Brady and Petrus. Plus he's no stranger to the streets. Justin Fronius, a quiet street killer who seemingly has the ability to immediately roll up to a spot and drop jaws with his quality trick selection. To round out the squad they’ve enlisted the help of KBR filmer and editor extraordinaire Petrus Koskinen on camera one, with Sam Sosnowski running the RED. Although primarily entrusted to stack shots of Anto for Real Snow, Sam is coming hot off his most recent work on Depth Perception, making him an awesome addition to the crew. Andy Wright, an incredibly skilled craftsman behind the lens, was there to capture all the ups and downs. Last but definitely not least, Mr. Bobby Meeks. Pizza wrangler, head honcho, TM second camera angle, enthusiastic supporter and overall a real life character – not just one you can play in Amped 2 – with a serious moustache to match.

Browse the gallery of behind the scenes shots from the making of DCTRANSITORS: QUEBEC, check the hashtag #DCTRANSITORS all season long for updates, and of course stay tuned for the full edit, dropping real soon right here on SNOWBOARDER.

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