Deja Vu Encore – Intro

Two years ago, before the dust had settled on what was one of the most celebrated snowboard films of the past decade, the eight riders whose parts collectively created Deja Vu were on the road once more, driving hard to one-up their lofty accomplishments for their second offering, aptly titled Encore. With notoriety that is only superseded by their lack of pretense about their influence, Phil Jacques, Will Lavigne, Louis-Felix Paradis, Ben Bilocq, Alex Cantin, Nic Sauve, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, and Frank April have once again humbly redefined the status quo in Encore. For Encore, Fellow Quebec upstart, Dillon Ojo and BC-based rail veteran Jake Kuzyk joined the crew and during the winters of ’14 and ’15, once again we held our breath in anticipation of what this cadre would create. In the wake of the fall premieres of the movie, any expectations for this second act have been shattered by the filming, editing, and of course, the snowboarding contained in this feature film. From first trick to final shot, the film is full of heavy spots, equally technical and proper tricks, and ender, after ender…after ender. If we could mandate viewing of Deja Vu Encore, we would do it. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, the above three-minute intro provides plenty of reason to purchase your own copy of Encore as soon as it is available later this month on iTunes. Until then, sit back, watch in awe, and follow @dejavumovie on Instagram and Facebook for more.

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