DeJa Vu Encore – Louif Paradis Alternate Footage

No beating around the bush, Louif Paradis’ ender in Deja Vu Encore is hands-down one of the best parts of the year. The Quebec City native adheres to a rigid and respectable personal creed of appropriate style and each and every shot selected for his segment uplevels the definition of what we currently define as proper. The locations, the tricks, the style–Big Lou’s segments are best played on repeat and his offering this fall is no exception. That said, in addition to the shots were able to fit within Encore, there’s more that Louif collected during the past two winters of steady filming and Salomon and Deja Vu dropped this b-side timeline of Lou’s clips. The above three and a half minute offers a further glimpse into the unprecedentedly pristine snowboarding of Louis-Felix Paradis. Enjoy.