Technine Team Series Derek Dennison
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Derek Dennison


Board: Technine Team Series Dennison

Home Mountain: Brighton, UT

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Technine, Nomis, Celcius, Smith


Why hasn't the American Educational system cought onto the whole pro model concept of marketing. Think about it. Nike killed it with Jordans, DC killed it with Dyrdeks, Mattel killed it with the GI Joe Snake Eyes, and Burton killed it with the Craig Kelly. There is no reason why math can't kill it with the Albert Einstein Algebra textbook. Notice how we spelled "cought" wrong in the first sentence of this writeup? That wouldn't have happened if Scholastic released a Kavya Shivashankar pro model spelling tutorial…

Derek Dennison, Toronto, CA. Photo: E-Stone

Derek Dennison, Toronto, CA. Photo: E-Stone