Dew Tour Utah Slope 01

Do you think that if Chas Guldemond had won today, he would've, say, partied like a Rockstar? Probably.

Words: T Bird

Snowbasin is a wrap. The Dew Tour has not only commenced up in the mountains, but also for the winter, as the men’s and women’s Dew Cup champs have been officially crowned with the culmination of slopestyle today.

The women kicked things off under sunny skies and relatively little wind. Of the 6 women who made finals, only three made the podium. Now, Jamie Anderson may have been he favorite coming into this final Dew Tour stop, but Janna Meyen-Wetherby stepped up and gave the young South Lake slayer a serious run for her money. Hell, Janna won the damn thing, and it was rejuvenating to see Janna back in the top spot, if only for a day. Jamie got second, and though she lost the battle today, she won the war, as the overall Dew Cup champion in slope. Congrats, Jamie. Canadian Spencer O’Brien took home a respectable third place, and then it was time for the men to drop.

Dew Tour Utah Slope 02

Let me just say that I feel for Chas Guldemond. For nearly the whole final, Chas was in the lead with a low 90s first run score, but the current slope forefront would change all of that on their second and final runs, seemingly pushing Chas down spot-by-spot in the order they dropped. First up was Eric Willett, who put down the highest Dew Tour slope score ever with a 97.25. He would hold on to win the event. But not before Mark McMorris dropped and put down double corks galore. Eric was sweating, but McMorris couldn’t topple Willett today, and garnered second. So then Chas was in third. Until, of course, former DC teammate Torstein Horgmo, who was the last rider to drop, buckled in and got after it. Torstein’s run was enough to bump Chuck G into fourth and round out the podium in fine fashion. However, this should take nothing away from Chas’s runs. He was the most consistent rider of the day, and it was a hard-fought fourth that he walked away with. Torstein’s third place finish was also enough to win him the overall Dew Cup slope trophy. He killed it at all the stops this season. Hopefully, drinks are on him tonight. Well, that’s all from Snowbasin. We look forward to seeing you in cyberspace.

Dew Tour Utah Slope 03

We put roofies in Chas's waterbottle as a joke. You should've seen his second run. Surprisingly, he even didn't stumble. Kid's a champ.

1. Eric Willett
2. Mark McMorris
3. Torstein Horgmo

Dew Tour Utah Slope 04

Check out the guy in the green jacket texting on the knuckle. Not even paying attention to Eric Beauchamin's backside rodeo 7. And here we were shooting from the woods…

1. Janna Meyen-Wetherby
2. Jamie Anderson
3. Spencer O’Brien

Dew Tour Utah Slope 05

Eric Willett's final run score of 97.25 was the highest score in Dew Tour history. Speaking of history, did you know that the History Channel was launched on January 1st, 1995? Now that's some history.

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Dew Tour Utah Slope 07

It was weird to see Jamie standing on the second place spot at the end of slopestyle on Sunday, but you know what was even weirder? Mormons.

Dew Tour Utah Slope 08

Janna's still got it. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

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Mark McMorris, Eric Willett, and Torstein Horgmo.

Dew Tour Utah Slope 13

Tyler Flanagan chose not to ride, but he was in attendance. He really is the Benjamin Button of the snowboard world, isn't he?

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Spencer Link's photo is brought to you by the Church of Latter Day Double Corks.

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Dew Tour Utah Slope 18

Too bad there are no shots of Spencer O'Brien on a rail, 'cause we really wanted to work in something about a girl working the pole on the Southern Exposure slopestyle course.

Dew Tour Utah Slope 19

Torgeir is one of the best up-and-coming Euros in snowboarding right now, which explains why he hasn't peaked in this trick yet.

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