Dew Tour Utah 01

The 2011 Dew Tour is pretty cool, but it ain't got shit on the Beatles 1965 US tour stop at Shea Stadium, where over 55,000 people saw them play live, and they brought in $304,000 in ticket sales. The greatest gross in the history of US showbusiness up to that point.

Words: T Bird
Photos: Dave Brewer

The sunny slopes of Snowbasin, Utah played host to the final Dew Tour stop of the season, with more on the line that a simple podium placing. Depending on the outcome of today's pipe finals for the men and women, the overall Dew Cup champion would be crowned. The 22-foot pipe–which differed form last year's 18-footer– looked perfect and the sunny, warm weather didn't deplete it as both the men and the women prepared to drop as the sun was setting.

Dew Tour Utah 05

Upside down and inside out, we 'bout to show all you folks what it's all about. Yeah, whatever. This dude's upside down. That's all we got, okay?

Per usual, the women went first. And per usual, Kelly Clark was unstoppable. On top of adding another win to her already-impressive 2010/2011 contest season, Kelly added yet one more front ten to her legacy. The second time it's been landed in competition, female pros best take note that this trick is officially in Kelly's repertoire, and if they want to keep up, they better dust off the ol' airbag and get to hucking. Kelly threw down every variation of frontside and backside tricks, but it was indeed the front ten that put her well above the fray. Kaitlyn Farrington, last year's Dew Cup champion grabbed second place and a well-deserved spot in the top three, while Japanese import Soko Yamaoka took third. I must say that in my opinion, Soko has cemented herself as one of the most consistent female pipe pros on the planet, and you can be sure that those top three finishes are sure to continue.

Dew Tour Utah 07

The lady in the bottom left looks like she's been to a bunch of snowboard events. The way she shoots photos? The poise, the form, the execution? She's a seasoned Dew Tourer. We can spot 'em from a mile away.

Here's a fact: Steve Fisher has a double cork. True story. On the last hit of his last run, Fisher threw down a front ten double cork that bumped him from the middle of the pack all the way up to third place. I'd be lying if I said that when he landed it, some people in attendance weren't looking up at the jumbo screen to double check who was really in the pipe. Well, it was Fisher, and it was awesome. Well done, Steve. You earned this one. Here's another fact: The judges may have regretted giving Greg Bretz a first-run score of 95.00, but in Greg's defense, he definitely put down a podium run. Front ten double cork, back nine, front ten, etc. Though I believe he was originally overscored, I do not deny that his second place finish wasn't justified. Here's one last fact: Luke Mitrani took home a victory, and I was absolutely pleased with this. For a while now, Luke has been in the shadow of more marketable pipe stars but tonight, he got the recognition he deserved with a final run score of 97.00, the highest recorded score in Dew Tour history. With three double corks and style far beyond his years, Luke stood atop the Dew Tour podium at Snowbasin, and I'm pretty sure he and his Frends will be celebrating tonight, as they should. The Squid squeaked one out. On a side note, it was Mr. Louie Vito who took home the Dew Cup as the overall points leader. So yeah, all in all it was quite an event, but be sure to check back tomorrow for a full recap of men's and women's slope finals, only here on

Dew Tour Utah 08

For those of you who think that Steve Fisher hasn't gotten any tail since his Shaun White X Games takedown a few years back……….think again.

1. Luke Mitrani
2. Greg Bretz
3. Steve Fisher

Dew Tour Utah 09

This photo has more green, red, and orange in it than Zambia's national flag.

1. Kelly Clark
2. Kaitlyn Farrington
3. Soko Yamaoka

Dew Tour Utah 10

Brett Esser may have a crappy, pre-pubescent mustache, but he's good at getting horizontal and boning. Take that, high school.

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Dew Tour Utah 16

If you're a Dew Tour participant being filmed by a chode in a red jacket who has no plans to get the deck of the pipe in his frame, raise your hand.

Dew Tour Utah 18

Kaitlyn Farrington, Kelly Clark, and Soko Yamaoka.

Dew Tour Utah 20

Greg Bretz, Luke Mitrani, and an awkwardly left-out Steve Fisher.

Dew Tour Utah 22

Jack Mitrani and Kevin Pearce.

Dew Tour Utah 23

Luke Mitrani, Jack Mitrani, and Kevin Pearce.