Dispatches: Mike Yoshida at the GT Memorial


Words, photos, and captions: Mike Yoshida

If you haven’t heard of Noboarding, then you are completely blowing it. And if you have heard of it, you probably know that Greg Todds is the guy who invented it. Years ago, Greg passed away in an avalanche while shredding his Noboard in the Kootenay Mountains. Now that he is gone, there is an ever growing tightknit community of Noboarders shredding powder all over the world.

The annual Noboard contest was started in honor of Greg Todds, and all the money raised during the event goes to Greg’s children. There are two parts to the contest: multiple heats for the best time down an insane tree/pillow field, and the Asian Canadian Downhill race. The Asian Canadian is similar to your traditional Chinese Downhill, with an alcoholic twist at the end. When the riders get to the bottom, the first one off their board to finish a can of beer is the winner.

The course had been brushed a little last summer, so there were a few new lines to take, which opened up the door for faster times.  Young Dave, aka YD, had the fastest time of the day at forty-seven seconds. This time was also a new course record! For the Asian Canadian, it came down to Ave and YD battling it out towards the finish. They both pretty much finished the course at the exact same time, so the deciding factor was the final beer chug, as they both sprinted off of their Noboards and towards the keg, which had the beers waiting for them. In the end, Ave was victorious and was crowned the winner of the coveted Asian Canadian title.

This years race had a great turnout, and there is always a huge attendance of current pro snowboarders, as well as a handful of ex-pro legends.  The caesars were flowing from the get-go, and the overall vibe of the contest was absolutely pure, good vibes.

I would highly suggest anyone to try Noboarding. It’s geared towards powder riding, as they are really hard to control if you ride them on hardpack or groomed runs. Check out noboard.ca to purchase a Noboard pad, and get out and surf that pow!