The 7th Annual Dirksen Derby took place at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon with the most competitors ever to enter the event. The race is a benefit event to help Bend, Oregon local snowboarder Tyler Eklund who was in a snowboarding accident seven years ago. People from all over the world flock to Bachelor to take on a course built by legendary park builder Pat Malendowski. Where else could you see surf legend Gerry Lopez competing alongside snowboarding legend Shaun Palmer? Competitors speed through the woods with tight banked turns and technical airs in a run to the finish in around 30 seconds. The Dirksen Derby is more than a race, it’s the season kick off for many of snowboarding’s elite. Check out photos from the event.

Featuring Tyler Eklund, Johnny Brady, Iikka Backstrom, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek, Jake Blauvelt, Spencer Schubert, Blake Paul, Temple Cummins, Tucker Andrew, Dustin Anderson, Nils Mindnich, Kurt Heine, Hans Mindnich, Hiromi Tatsumi, Michael Wick, Scotty Whitlake, Sean Powell, Shaun Palmer, and Harry Kearney.

Video by Trent Ludwig.