Kyle Clancy, Doran Layborn, and Colin Langlois spent their formative years as card-carrying members of the Grenade army, regularly storming the slopes of Mammoth Mountain and unleashing a rowdy, DIY ethos wherever they pointed it. The video parts these three filmed with Soldiers of the Frozen Battlefield shaped many snowboarders’ views on pointing it down the mountain. Flash forward past the aughts and this trio is still destroying it, though there’s less chairlift rides and more sledtracks in their day-to-day boarding. In The Dirty West, watch as these guys translate the park laps they grew up on to the terrain of the backcountry, throwing down effortless spins, dropping cliffs, and generally tearing apart everything in front of them. The resulting riding is explosive. Enjoy.

Cameos from Willie McMillon, Chad Otterstrom, Cam Fitzpatrick, Ryan Stephens, Phantom, and Adam Dowell.