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In March 2012, a posse of athletes and personalities from Stussy and Holden set out on a journey from the snowy mountains of Oregon, to the rugged coastline of Southern California. The objective of the trip was to test the live-ability, quality and function of the Stussy by Holden collection through deep snow, good waves and everything in between.

Photos: Neil DaCosta, Taylor Brubaker and Mike LeBlanc


: The Van: An essential tool to fit 9 dudes and all the gear it takes to snowboard, skate, surf , camp and eat well for 5 days.

Mt. Hood, our first destination, we had some decent wind blown pow and some sideways weather. No better way to be alone on the lifts and get the goods.

Wittlake getting a lil' ollie on

TJ Schnieder was on the journey as Snowboarder staff, but of course he rips. Pow tree chute.

When we headed south we had no plans, but found ourselves stoked when we rolled up on Mt. Ashland in So. Oregon and it was a sunny pow days. The resort was closed, but we snatched up road run of pow all day.


Mikey and Fraser getting some double pow action.


More pow bro downs

Highway to heaven


Lunch time was tacos served up in the snow. Yumm!

Mikey had to show his approval of the tacos.

And ride some trees branches too.

And the result, another rustic gourmet meal.

A little time to watch the sea.

On the road its important to stretch the legs, Heel flip by Road tripper Wade Fyfe.

Coffee was provided by Heart Coffee (Wille yli-Louma's spot in PDX.) www.heartroasters.com

Next stop was surf sesh and beach camping heaven.

Stussy homies ripping what came through around apart.

The last night on the beach was solid a man camp, caveman TV was on.

The posse: (L to R) Jason French, Wade Fyfe, Fraser Avey, Mikey LeBlanc, Shelby Menzel, Scotty Wittlake, TJ Schnieder, Taylor Brubaker, and Neil DaCosta (taking the pic)