words and photos: Mike Yoshida

The winter in Washington got off to a slow start. Historically, December and January are some of the heaviest months for snowfall, but this year was saw little-to-no flakes fall within those two months. February definitely picked up, and by the time March rolled around, I feel like a lot of people had given up. Luckily for the 686 crew, they scheduled their shoot up at Mt. Baker with perfect timing. As soon as the boys rolled into town, the snow started hammering down and the lifts were virtually empty because a lot of locals had already hung up their boots.

The crew consisted of Forest Bailey, Cam Pierce, Sebi Geiger, and Pat McCarthy. Holding down the video cams were Sebi Mandaler hailing from Austria, Gary Milton, aka the Power from the Valley, and absolutely crushing "the people's angle" was none other than marketing guru Brent "California Kid" Sandor.

Our crew was complete and we ventured out into the Baker side country to stack shots, and enjoy that fresh 30" of new that had accumulated. Luckily, we got into a storm cycle that was one for the books. We consistently would receive 30" dumps every night, and then there would be periodic sun breaks throughout the day. It was a snowboarder’s dream trip.

All the boys were riding super well, but I have to give it up to Cam Pierce for guineaing every single jump and trying a multitude of double cork variations with absolutely no fear. Forest was holding it down as well, riding at high level and making every single trick look so effortless. And Sebi showed us that he indeed grew up riding powder in Austria and could back it up with some serious skill. At the helm we had Pat "Sarge" McCarthy touring us around to all the classic spots that he had pioneered over the years. If you ever get a chance to ride Baker with Pat, you'll definitely get the goods, as he knows the place like the back of his hand.