words and photo: T. Bird

Keeping snowboarding "fun" is a common marketing plan for many brands, but few actually hold it as their ideology, what built their company from the ground up. Airblaster, based in Portland, Oregon, is one of said few. A little over a decade ago, three friends by the names of Travis Parker, Jesse Grandkoski and Paul Miller held a meeting in a basement and started jotting down names, ideas and products for their soon-to-be company. Currently, Airblaster holds a serious stake in the outerwear market, but more importantly, they have a blast when they're strapped in, and as much as that's tossed around as cliché sentiment, it is a mantra that has kept the company going season after season.

The plan was to go to the Mike Baker Banked Slalom at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire and then check out Last Call at Loon, but more importantly, the riders on the trip were filming for Airblaster's new movie, Side Hit Society, a film that will feature conventional backcountry and street features, but will focus more on relatable riding; things that the average kid can go push up and have fun on. Hand-dug hips, rhythm sections and the like that aren't necessarily featured in a terrain park or accessible only by sled. That was the main goal, and I believe they succeeded wildly.

With a roster that included Brandon Cocard, Nick Dirks, Tucker Andrews and one of my favorite snowboarders of all-time, Travis Parker, it was one of the best trips I've taken in recent memory. There will be more photos and footage in the months leading up to the release of Side Hit Society, but for now, here's just a little glimpse of what we all got into in The Granite State.