words and photos: Mike Yoshida

After heading to Jackson Hole to shoot with Blake Paul and Nils Mindnich for the upcoming The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD, we had to quickly change plans once the weather got super warm. With no powder in the forecast for several weeks, the crew decided to hop over to the East Coast and try their hand at urban shredding in Boston. Little did we know that eventually we were all going rogue.

The city has seen record snowfall this season, and it was truly amazing to see how much fluff had fallen in the area. Five foot snow banks towered above the roads everywhere we went, and the main concern was to try and dig out the features that had been totally buried.

After our first day, we decided to crew up with Think Thank, since we had minimal riders, and it gave me the opportunity to shoot with more riders. Ted Borland and his family graciously let us crash at their house, and frequent stops to Mims (the local breakfast store) were to be had on the daily. After we wore out our welcome at Teddy’s, we headed over to Brandon Reis’s girlfriend’s home, newly christened with @BrodieJenner fame… All in all, it was a sweet reunion out East, and everyone stacked ham!



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