words and photos by Joel Fraser

We had our first CAMPiTA a few years back, to film intros for DOA. But, more than that – it was/is an excuse to get the whole team/family together for some chill time outside of shred. Last year it grew in size and numbers, and we found a new site with easier access, allowing a cook tent and multiple cooler setups. CAMPiTA 2013 was set for HCSC Session 6 (the final camp session), with Kimura, Stevens and Rav as guest coaches. We returned to our previous site – and the creature that is CAMPiTA grew again, seeing over 50 revelers at one point, numerous satellite tent villages (including the DWD "Lord of the Flies" camp), moto fire launches, a torrential hail, wind and rain storm, and a prime rib dinner. Post shred, pre campfire activities included lot lurk bbq's, an autograph session, an (albeit postponed due to said storm) dodgeball session, and a bonus Cobra Dog fueled après sesh…! Many yelps were yelped, bottles of Fireball passed 'round the fire, mallows toasted, and shakas thrown. Clean off the dirt and start thinking about next year.