words and captions: Desiree Melancon
photos: Tim Zimmerman and Desiree Melancon

I arrived in Sandy around 9:30. A tailgate party was taking place in the Freddy's parking lot. All the usuals from HCSC and others such as Bode Merrill loitered against the bushes. I remember dozens of beers being sipped on and the thought that open container laws did still exist in Oregon. This thought drifted away when a beer was placed in my left hand.

Not much longer and we headed over to the cinema, where more parking lot hangouts were taking place. At a showing like this, an overwhelming amount of friends decided to come out. So overwhelming to the point that it was almost better to just ignore everyone and try to get a good seat. Which is what I basically did and maybe the real reason I didn't snap many good photos.

The excitement was building. Unlike almost everyone else in the video at the premier, I had yet to see the movie. So, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that according to Ted Bundy, Reis, and Hulbert, watching it once was not enough. They had all seen it for the second time by now and I was insanely jealous.

Being anti-social resulted in a great seat for the movie. I was third to top row and almost dead center. Burtner gave a speech, then both the Burtners awarded Chris Beresford with a limited edition Think Thank Orange Tuffy for being an incredible human. It even has reflectors on it. The lights dimmed, the menu screen finally transitioned into the movie, and from this point on, I pretty much blacked out.

The movie is called Think Thank is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack. The name is very suiting. There is so much action in Brain Dead (the first movie) that you have to seriously be on point to catch everything that is going on. Ted closed it with the best footage I have ever seen out of him. Not only is he really good, he's really tall. Being a tall snowboarder is not easy. It was insane. By the time the intermission occurred, I was drooling out of my mouth staring at the screen like a couch potato. Heart Attack (the second movie) started immediately. Reis opened her up and from that point on my chest was pounding until Hammid's last shot actually finished her up.

This was Think Thank’s tenth video. Ten years of insane footage that has never failed to amaze me. I can't attempt to praise everyone for how sick they did with this one. Good job guys. Good job Burtners and Lucey and Ross and all the other filmers. Shit was really tight. I need to see it again.