words: Blake Paul
photos: Kyle Martin
captions: The Mocha Boys

Stop three of the Dragon Alliance #WeAreFrameless World Tour brought the Mocha Boys to Jackson, WY. Most of the crew being virgins to the area, powder and natural terrain all together. Jackson being my hometown, it was a blast showing everyone around. Arriving just in time for the tram opening, we made sure to get a few laps in with all cameras put away. Everybody hucked off the side hits, slashed pow, tomahawked, landed on their heads, etc. It was definitely epic to watch the stoke on everyone's faces and the crew vibes turn up all day. From there we synched up with Bryan Iguchi and Alex Yoder and headed out to the side country off the resort. The terrain out of bounds is plentiful. Full off pillows, bigger lines, pat downs, and hidden pow stashes weeks after fresh snow. Storms had been hitting Jackson all early season and the coverage was pretty decent for this time of year. We were able to get into a couple zones and have some fun sessions. Highlights included: Tommy back flipping through a tree, Kyle shutting every session down during the media hour, Spencer’s rouge switch back rodeo seven, and Guch and Yoder slashing fluidly wherever they went. A couple off hill honorable mentions should be noted as well: Kyle’s Matrix speech to the whole bar on his birthday, Jordan spiking a lamp on the floor, some nice meals at my parents house, and Colton ordering twenty slices off pizza. And now some quotes from the crew…

“Jackson Hole…also known as God’s country.” – Tomas Paul Gesme

“You have nice parents.” – Mark “King” Wilson

“Wish I was there.” – Forest Jacob Bailey

"You can't order a full pizza in Jackson Hole." – Colton Von Feldman

"The shortest distance between two points is a violent t-hawk." – Kyle Christopher Martin