words: Blake Paul
photos: Kyle Martin and Blake Paul

Fireworks blazed out the windows of the van as it plowed its way through the snow to Big Sky Montana. This stop was all about getting lost in the woods; the Mocha Boys were going off the grid. We pulled into our ski-in ski-out vacation rental late at night, only to be awakened by fresh snow, sunshine, and a glistening peak shining through our window. The first day we ripped the resort. Top-to-bottom laps, complete with pow, high-speed groomers, and a little park at the bottom. From there, we scoped plenty of options just outside of our house. The best part of the #WeAreFrameless tour is being able to just go on a walk with a shovel and find any unique feature that can be boarded on. Big sky was a breath of fresh air. None of the boys had really been there; it was rad exploring a completely new zone. We made our way through construction sites, overpasses, jersey barriers, roofs, electrical boxes, stone fireplaces, and even a session on the back porch of our house. I think my favorite part of the stop was when Kyle would disappear for hours at night and come home talking about a feature he built that "might work." Next thing I know, the TM is jumping up to a one-story tall creeper on the side of somebody's home.

A few other things to point out about Big Sky Country: the people are extremely nice and genuine. Folks up north just seem to be more wholesome, whether it's tossing out a wave at a stop sign, or hooting and hollering from the chairlift. One thing I would not recommend is the black bean burger from the restaurant at the base (it will remained unnamed), unless you're looking for some kind of banana-consistency patty slapped between two stale pieces of bun. Other than that, the terrain, people, animals, scenery, and food are all swell. I suggest taking a trip up to Montucky.