words: Blake Paul
photos: Kyle Martin
captions: The Mocha Boys

The Mocha Boys have returned for year three of the of the Dragon Alliance #WeAreFramless Tour. Tommy Gesme, Mark “King” Wilson, Spencer Schubert, Dillion Ojo, Colton Feldman, myself, and van pilot, Kyle Martin have set quest on a journey beginning in Salt Lake City, stopping in the backwoods of Montana, and capping it all off in the gladed cascades of Oregon. With two years already under our belts, a deeper wisdom and sense of camaraderie lingers in the van. It was time to kick off Utah with a hootenanny.

The boys reunited in south Salt Lake up in the hills overlooking the bright lights of the city. We came across a deal at a downstairs mansion complete with a hot tub, movie theater, and indoor basketball court, the perfect spot to kick up the legs after boarding at Brighton and the Bone Zone. It would also be our humble abode to host Thanksgiving, which got so wild that Colton cracked my head into a mini-fridge and Frank April had us do some weird custom involving swapping alcohol from mouth to mouth. The crew was more tight knit than ever this year. We knew exactly what we were getting into and wasted no time getting after it.

Brighton held the goods with a secret junkyard of features hidden in the woods, the entire Bone Zone at our fingertips (thanks to Ted Borland, Alex Andrews, and crew), a few random boulders, and the pristine powdery slopes of the resort. Although, I'd say the most memorable session was on the mini down bar at the bottom of the canyon. Most everybody got played on the thing. Spencer body-slammed the concrete about four times before riding away from a back two with a claim and a hat toss. For off hill activities the crew followed through with tradition, attending the fourth Hunger Games flick. Don't ask Kyle what he thought of it, he’s not a big fan off the ending, nor Peta. And yes, of course, we ran out of the emergency exit right after credits rolled. We also made our mandatory stops at Milosport and Spedelli’s to slap fives. To top off the trip, we celebrated with sushi, cocktails, and group story time. Before the Christmas lights flipped on, the freestyle rapping commenced and the van jetted north to Montana. I'll leave you with some quotes from the crew.

"I can't remember the last time I didn’t run three miles in my private gym before snowboarding." – Colton Von Feldman

"I enjoyed watching Fargo and eating York Peppermint Patties, forty to be exact." – Mark King Wilson

"Vape pens and island ownership" – Kyle Christopher Martin

"Security cams? What security cams?" – Thomas Paul Gesme

"That sounds rogue commando." – sushi waitress