words by Blake Paul
photos by Kyle Martin
captions by The Mocha Boys

Fast times of Austria behind us, some California down time, a Vegas stop, and the Van pulled in to the rocky mountain state for stop number two of the Dragon Alliance #WeAreFrameless tour. A few new members stepped up to the ranks; Dillon Ojo, Mark Wilson and Jordan Small joined Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Kyle Martin, Colton Feldman, and myself. Colorado is one of those places that's capable of delivering some of the best, or worst, laps of your life. This time around, Colorado delivered the goods and everyone came into agreement that it treated us just right. Right out of the gates, Ojo and King (Mark Wilson) stepped to a decent sized gap to flat down rail. Meanwhile, Spenny slapped some lines on the red curbs a short distance away. Tommy and Smalls took it to an exit ramp rail behind the local movie theater, which later hosted us to a pleasant viewing of the newest Hunger Games flick. Hopped up on the Mocking Jay, we took it to Keystone’s Area 51 park and hosted a "Little Drummer Boy" inspired rail jam contest. The kids went crazy, tossing flips and one-footers while others ditched their boards all together and soaped the rail. Some other standout moments included: an 11pm Thanksgiving with mandatory speeches from the entire crew regarding what we were most thankful for. The new term, "soft street" was coined for those creative and less consequential features in the streets, Danny Davis approved. King went through the McDonalds drive through then straight out of the van to a down bar. An epic ride day with all the reps and shop crew at Loveland, captured and edited up by Jordan Small (check his YouTube). The van then ripped out of the state and headed straight for the hills. Two new Mocha Boys tracks produced along the way. To stick with standard procedure I'll leave you with some quotes from the crew.

"Colorado was keefy, my stomach was queasy." – Spencer Carl Schubert

"Let us give thanks to the Rocky State." – Kyle Christopher Martin

"Little Drummer Boy." – Blake Bandekow Paul

"Heated garages fit for a king." – Mark James Wilson

"Dam Brewery makes a dam good burger." – Thomas Paul Gesme

"Dude, where's my pass?" – Jordan Anthony Small

"Eggnog in my cup." – Dillon Isaiah Ojo

"Billy Mackey runs Colorado." – Colton Von Feldman

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