words: Blake Paul
photos: Kyle Martin
captions: The Mocha Boys

Another twelve hour drive down, a few new tracks recorded, and the Mocha Boys land in one of their favorite towns: Bend, OR. The tour ends here, and similar to last year, Mt. Bachelor and downtown Bend treat the crew exceptionally well. Bottomless snow, drinks with old friends, the Warbington brothers, wind lips, sidehits, and of course, the Dirksen Derby. Every boarder from miles around made their way to the ever-popular event, taking stabs at an award winning time down the red and green tightly banked courses. Of course, the event is held for a good cause in support of Tyler Eklund, and raises more and more money each year. After the weekend snow began to pile up, the crew full of Bachy locs had the mountain scoured for all the secret natural terrain. Carrying some momentum from Jackson, it was time to huck off some jumps and let the tomahawks fly.

I’d throw Mt. Bachelor into my top five resorts. The place is covered in friendly snow waves and any storm seems to bring endless pow days. Little trannies pop out of nowhere, sending you straight up into the air, then set you down perfectly into a rolling landing. Not to mention the unique park set up: a whole run sprinkled with all shapes of metal and plastic. A few memorable moments included: Ojo’s mid-boardslide collision with a skier, Spencer’s toedeo seven, Yoder’s top five finish, Alex Lopez’s 1.5 backflip, a broken camera, a Lucas Wachs sighting, a Mike Schubert sighting and third place finish, Forest skating a miniramp, and G-Don floating switch straight airs over the Tower of Power.

They say all good things must come to and end, and that was the reality for the second annual Dragon Alliance #WeAreFramelss World Tour. With about two months steady on the road, it was time for the band to break up and go their separate ways, only to meet up again soon for some Twisted Teas and a Hunger Games viewing. Kyle Martin had done it again, bringing together a group of young talented boarders and giving them complete freedom to do as they please, sparking that fun energy and the footage that the industry needs to see today. I tip my hat to the crew for the good times and all things accomplished along the way. Another tour in the books, setting the season off to a great start. I guess that’s all….Mocha.