The crew…Pooch, Brewski, Naka and the Prospect.

Words & Photos: E-Stone

With record-breaking snowfall in Utah and California it seems like this season might never end. Two weeks ago the FODT crew decided to get out of all the stormy weather of Salt Lake and get some California sunshine. When we arrived to Reno it was super warm and dry. I started to get nervous as we approached the Truckee area and it was still pretty dry with no snow. It was starting to feel like we wouldn't have enough of the white stuff to get some work done but the second we got to higher elevation it was out of control. Snow banks as high as houses open up a lot of options.

Cole Taylor and myself met up with Nick Poohachoff, Andrew Brewer, Austin Hironaka and the prospect Zander Blackmon. All photos shot with my I phone.

Stone Dispatch 2 02

The google maps people were staying at our hotel. Check out that wild camera on the roof. This is what they use to make the Street view angle. It's a pretty sick set up with a computer hooked up to the dashboard that controls the camera.

Stone Dispatch 2 03
Stone Dispatch 2 04

Pooch and Hiro peeping Coles shots.

Stone Dispatch 2 05

Jap Mob!

Stone Dispatch 2 06

Brewer checking out the free rock climbing offered at the hotel.

Stone Dispatch 2 07

Day two we thought it would be cool to build a logjam over the river. Step one is finding a sweet tree. Austin loves getting lifted. Here he is high in search of the perfect tree.

Stone Dispatch 2 08

Step two is cutting the tree to the perfect length and then smoothing out all the nubs so it can slide nice and smooth. Zander cuts the tree while Pooch and Nico Cioffi get ready to help drag it to the river.

Stone Dispatch 2 09

Brewer and Cole prepping the gap and cleaning up the zone a little for shooting.

Stone Dispatch 2 10

The final product.

Stone Dispatch 2 11

Cole and the FODT Tahoe filmer Eric getting the dolly shot dialed.

Stone Dispatch 2 12

If you find yourself in Truckee make sure to hit up Taco's Jalisco and Java Sushi. Both spots are dope. Check out the Armadillo dish a Jalisco. Full lava rock bowl stuffed with shrimp, chicken, pork, cactus and other veggies all in a steaming bubbling cauldron.

Stone Dispatch 2 13